Finally, ‘Missing in Shanghai’ will be published on 17 May this year. I know many of you have been waiting to get your hands on a copy to see what happens to Jess next, so I thank you for your patience. Novel 3 in the series is set in present-day London, and in Shanghai in 1984. The plot swings back and forth from past to present. Although the plot and characters are all fiction, I worked in Shanghai from 1984-85 and I’m taking my readers back to the city at the time I was living there. I hope this gives credence to the plot and setting.

In ‘Missing in Shanghai’, Jess is working on the China desk in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It’s her job to ensure the State visit of the Chinese Premier runs smoothly. But tensions are running high. Jess uncovers a shocking secret. A British diplomat, Marianne Henderson, went missing in Shanghai in 1984 and has never been seen again. Not only that, all evidence she ever existed vanished with her. When Jess starts asking questions, she is warned off. But she is caught up in a chain of events she has no power to control. As she digs into the past to find out what happened to Marianne, Jess finds herself in grave danger.

Of course, DI Sangster is in the picture too. He’s now in London on secondment to Scotland Yard. When he is assigned to the armed police team protecting the Chinese Premier during his London visit, Tom becomes close to Jess again, and tries to help her. But can he save her?

I hope you all enjoy this novel as much as Deadly Diplomacy and Deadly Deceit. I’m sure you’ll let me know when you’ve read it.

I hope too you’ve all had a lovely, if not cold, Easter!