Many of you have been in touch to say my blog has fallen off since the summer. Sorry about that. I have been working on my next novel, promise, but also travelling around a lot. I give talks around the country, and do signings all over. I seem to have been on the road since the end of August. So it’s good to be home again, which is the only place I seem to update it. Anyway, the best news this month is that Deadly Diplomacy has just come out in Australia. Yay! It’s set in Canberra and Brisbane, so I hope Australians like it too. It’s had some good publicity. Articles on, Herald Sun, Carousel, in various book blogs. Had a laugh on Aurora TV. This evening, I’ve been talking to Laurie Atlas on 4CA (Cairns) about being a diplomat and Deadly Diplomacy. Enjoyed that.

Good news too that the next novel in the series, Deadly Deceit, will be released on 10 May 2016. It’s a completely different plot, in a different country – Turks and Caicos Islands (Caribbean), a British Overseas Territory, but the central characters from Deadly Diplomacy run through the series, including DI Tom Sangster. I’ll tell you more about it next month!