Cathy has always wanted to emigrate to Australia; and watches endless TV programmes about relocating Down Under. Builder husband Pete has a good job in his father’s business and doesn’t want to go. Cathy plans a night of seduction and persuasion for the unsuspecting Pete to get her own way. But how does Pete react?


The rhumba is the dance of love. And that’s the only thing on the minds of Matt’s ‘salsa babes’ – his female students who turn up for his Latin dance class every week. A quintessential smooth-talking Latin lover, Matt is used to women falling at his feet. But his one male student, Doug, can’t dance a step and won’t give up the class, despite Matt’s best efforts to get rid of him. Why does Doug want to learn to dance the rhumba? And why is he being so difficult?

Grandma’s 80th Birthday

Family celebrations! Love ’em? Hate ’em? The birthday girl is determined to enjoy herself, but can the rest of her family keep a lid on their own problems and simmering tensions and show Grandma the love and respect she deserves?

Dial ‘S’ for Sugar

In two days’ time Joan will be 50. Her husband has gone off with a younger woman, and her two grown up sons have flown the nest. Her life’s work has been bringing up her family, and now she’s alone, she desperately needs money to pay the bills. What can she do? Having seen a TV programme on ‘phone sex’, she signs up and is about to get her first caller. But she is so full of nerves, she doesn’t know what to say on the phone. That’s when her friend Maureen turns up to step in and give her all the answers she needs.