Hi everyone

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the readers who have bought a copy of my debut novel ‘Deadly Diplomacy’. It’s in a ‘diplomatic’ crime genre all on its own, which is great. Truly original someone told me. Thousands of copies have been sold across the UK and, since last November, across Australia too, where the novel is set. Would you believe it? And thanks to everyone who has taken the time to review it either in the print media, on websites, on the radio, or on Amazon itself. I really appreciate all your comments and support. I spent many years in the British Diplomatic Service writing reports, briefing, press releases and endless letters and emails. I didn’t realise just how difficult making the jump to creating writing would be. But I had always harboured an ambition to become an author, and I’m really happy to be making that transition. Now, spurred on by your kindness and support for book 1, I’ve finished the second in my ‘Deadly’ series. Book 2 – Deadly Deceit, set down in the Caribbean, will be released on 16 June this year. I’ll tell you more about it in my next post.

Thanks so much!